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Dear Friend, by completing your membership application via this form, you apply for a membership at the American Club of Hamburg e.V.. Thank you for that! Please note that our statutes require board approval for the membership application. So while you will enjoy a tentative membership immediately, it will be decided first at the next board meeting. You will then hear from us, of course! Important: In case you apply for a Corporate Membership, please enter all Company information as well, as that is required for processing the membership application. For individual memberships, work-related details are not mandatory but helpful. Our current annual membership fees for 2020 can be found here: Please note that we are all volunteers and to reduce cost and effort, we encourage to pay per direct debit. Also, direkt debit is the only "free" method of payment that does not carry a fee. In case you have any questions in the meantime, please contact us at


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